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Green Laces offers a hand-picked range of vegan and sustainable shoes and accessories from a variety of brands. The selection always demonstrates a combination of transparency, ethics, function and design that maintains a high fashion degree. Green Laces works with slow fashion and therefore offers products that feel right season after season and that can be worn in many different ways. Under this category, pantyhose, heel shoes, handbags, sneakers, boots, backpacks and much more are collected in recycled, environmentally friendly and pet-friendly materials.

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1968 black apple TOE-CAP LOW
1.700 kr

1968 black corn leather TOE-CAP LOW
1.120 kr

1968 black recycled canvas TOE-CAP LOW
1.495 kr

1968 vegan sneakers neon fog
1.700 kr

1968 white apple TOE-CAP LOW
1.700 kr

1968 white corn leather TOE-CAP LOW
1.120 kr

1992 vegan apple leather black 9 eye boots
1.995 kr

1997 black apple leather chelsea boot
1.995 kr

2001 vegan mary jane black apple
1.700 kr

2001 vegan mary jane pink apple
1.700 kr

Bay white piñatex
500 kr

Billie 920 All Black
2.500 kr

Billie 920 All white
2.500 kr

Black Nucleo runner sneaker
3.795 kr

4.450 kr

BOCCACCIO II IBIZA Black Beyond Leather
3.595 kr