Animal rights

Green Laces works to ensure that all creatures, not only humans but also animals, are allowed to live without oppression, coercion or exploitation.

If you are curious to read about animal ethics, we recommend you to start reading here:
The Animal Rights Commission has been fighting to improve the animals' conditions since 1882 and during that time has made a number of improvements.

And here:
Since 2005, the Animal Rights Alliance has been a persistent voice in highlighting abuses in the livestock industry. With their revelations, they have helped raise the animal rights issue in public debate and have been a crucial factor in many people switching to vegan diets.

Another source of knowledge and inspiration is the American PETA, People for Ethical Treatment of Animals, which with its today over 6 million supporters is to be considered the most influential animal rights organization. On their website you will find reports from the animal industry, tips on vegan foods and news in vegan fashion:

You will also find more information about what you avoid when shopping for vegan shoes and accessories, i.e. the leather industry:

and even more written about this can be found on Djurs Rätt's website:

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